How can I manage McMyAdmin through Minecraft?
08 February 2011 12:06 AM

McMyAdmin offers many commands to help you directly manage your McMyAdmin functionality directly through Minecraft.  Here is a list of available commands for you to utilize through Minecraft.

accept::Accept another users 'join' or 'request' command.
addmember:(group) (user):Add a user to a specified group. Case sensitive!
backupworld:[label]:Take a backup of the world with an optional label.
ban:(user):Ban a user by their username.
ban-ip:(ip):Ban a particular IP address.
decline::Decline another users 'join' or 'request' command.
delmember:(group) (user):Remove a user from a specified group. Case sensitive!
delplayerdata:(user):Removes a players data file from the world, erasing their home position and inven$
deop:[user]:Remove a users operator status, or yourself if no name is given.
give:(user) (item id) [quantity]:Give a named user an item.
giveme:(item id/name) [quantity/multiplier]:Give yourself an item by name.
giveto:(user) (item id/name) [quantity/multiplier]:Give someone else an item by name.
goto:(user):Teleport yourself to a named user.
help:[command]:Get a list of commands or help on a specific command.
home::Teleport yourself to the spawn location.
join:(user):Request to join a user.
kick:(user):Kick a user off the server (they can rejoin).
lastseen:(user):Check when a user was last seen online.
listplayers::Show a list of active players (Llama Mod)
lookup:(item name):Look up the item number code by an approximate name.
motd::Show the current message of the day.
op:(user):Give a user operator status.
opme::Give yourself operator status.
pardon:(user):Remove a ban on a username.
pardon-ip:(ip):Remove a ban on an IP address.
ping::Check if the server is still alive.
restart::Restart the minecraft server.
request:(user):Invite a user to join you.
save-all::Save the current state of the server.
save-off::Disable level saving.
save-on::Enable level saving.
serverstats::Show server information.
stop::Stop the minecraft server.
summon:(user):Teleport another user to your location.
time::Get the current server time.
tp:(user) (user):Teleport the first user to the second user.
userstats:(user):Show historical data for a given user.
whois:(user):Show a users WHOIS information.

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