How to disable/remove plugins
21 January 2014 02:37 PM

Sometimes due to bugs or an update you may need to disable or remove existing plugins.

Whether you need to disable or remove a plugin the first step it to log into your Servercraft dashboard (


To remove a plugin

Go to your MyFiles section.

Then open your plugins folder. This folder will contain all of your craftbukkit plugins. Identify the plugin .jar you want to remove and hit the minus sign next to it.

That plugin has now been removed.



How to disable a plugin

Go to your McMyAdmin control panel and log in.

Once you're logged in go to the left hand side and select "Configuration" and then the "Plugins" tab at the top.

Select "Manage Plugins" to bring up a list of your currently installed plugins and uncheck the box labeled "Enabled" to disable the plugin.

Finally restart your server

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