How to Enable Command Blocks
21 January 2014 02:13 PM

Command Blocks are blocks made with the intent to support Adventure Mode and allows mapmakers to expand the interaction with the player through server commands. The blocks can run specified server commands when activate by a redstone current.

To enable yourself to use these command blocks start by going to your Servercraft dashboard ( and logging in.


Go to the McMyAdmin tab at the top and sign in.

Once logged in click on "Console" and type in /op yourplayername

Being an OP is required to setup the full range of command blocks.

Then you'll need to place yourself into Creative Mode. Stay on the same page and type in the following command

/gamemode creative yourplayername

On the left hand side select "Configuration" and then select the "Game Settings" tab at the top. Scroll down till you find "Allow Command Blocks" and change that to setting to yes.

Finally restart the server.

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