Can't access McMyAdmin or Minecraft
01 April 2013 03:30 PM

If you cannot access either McMyAdmin or Minecraft it could mean your server has crashed.


Before sending in a ticket, chances are you can repair this yourself instantly.


Try going to your Servercraft dashboard ( and hitting the Reboot McMyAdmin/Minecraft button.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see a red "Reboot McMyAdmin & Minecraft Button". Click on the button to proceed.

A warning will appear warning customers about possible data loss. You can then hit the okay button.


If you still have issues after that let the Servercraft technical support know. Be sure to tell them you tried the reboot button.

Then select "Submit a Ticket". You can click on either button circled in red to do this.

Next it will ask you what department to submit the ticket. Although any Minecraft Support department can be used. It's recommended for faster response times that you select the most appropriate department. In this case, its Server Downtime. If you are a Minecraft customer and select either Dedicated Server Support or Starbound support as the department, expect a longer response time.

Finally it will ask you for your information so we can look up your account as well as the issue you'd like the support staff to take a look at. Remember that for the MC number field put your MC number and not your SC number. Although they can be confused, an SC number is what is used to get into your game ( whereas your MC number is the username you use to log into your Servercraft dashboard.

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