How do I setup a white-list?
08 January 2011 07:00 PM


In order to limit the access of certain users you can implement what is called a 'Whitelist'.  With a whitelist you can choose to only allow people to access your server based on Groups or Lockdown and prevent anyone from joining.

Start by logging into your Servercraft Dashboard.

Then Select the McMyAdmin tab at the top of the screen

Log into your McMyAdmin control panel.

Next go to Configuration on the left hand side of the screen followed by the Features tab at the top of the screen.

Whitelist mode offers three different kinds of whitelist.

1. Match Any Group - This option when selected will allow any player to join if their playername is in the Users and Groups section.

2. Lockdown - This option when selected denies any player from joining the server. This option is mostly used when owners are in the process of editing their server and don't want any players interfering with that process.

3. Single Group - This option when selected will only allow players whose playernames are in a particular group of the Users and Groups section.

If you've selected "Match any Group" you can skip this step. If you've selected "Lockdown" you're done.

If you selected "Single Group" you next need to decide which group the system will look at when determine if a player is allowed to join.

By default the groups Administrators, Moderators, Regulators, and Everyone will be available to choose from. You can create more if you wish which will be explained at the end of the article.


Now you need to add the playernames who are allowed onto the server.

Start by going to the left hand side of the screen and selecting "Users and Groups"


If you selected "Match any Group" put the names of players into the Users section by typing our their playername into the Users section and clicking the plus sign. You do not need to select a particular group, any will work.

If you selected "Single Group" select the correct group under the Groups section and then add the playernames to the Users section and clicking the plus sign.

Finally go to the Status section on the left and click the Restart Server button for the change to take effect.



Creating a new group

Sometimes its easier to remember to white-list someone if you create your own group called WhiteList.

Follow the step above to go to the "Users and Groups" section

Under the Group section add WhiteList (or any name you prefer) into the field and hit the plus sign.

Now just follow the previous steps to add players to it.

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