How to install Bukkit Plugins
12 October 2012 08:45 AM

How to install bukkit plugins





Bukkit plugins are some of the easiest to install, but do have a few steps.


0. Bukkit plugins require craftbukkit to function. Follow this link for instructions on installing craftbukkit

1. Go to your Servercraft dashboard ( and sign in.

1. Go into your MyFiles section of the Servercraft dashboard.

2. Take the plugin and upload it into your "plugins" folder. (this will be a .jar file and most of the time you'll download it simply as that, whateverplugin.jar On occasion developers will zip them up along with other files like readme files or even some folders, but those aren't required and will be created for you automatically when the server runs the plugin for the first time).

Select Upload File

Then click Browse and select the .jar of the plugin you wish to upload.



3. Start the server. For 99% of all bukkit plugins that's all you have to do. However for the 1% that do have futher steps, their readme files should tell you what those steps are. Plugins that don't start may be out of date or simply incompatible, check your server.log file in the server and it will show you the error giving you a clue as to what the problem is. As always feel free to contact our technical staff with any trouble you have with plugins.

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