I have Permissions, but my commands don't work!
31 January 2012 04:07 PM


The issue you are inquiring about is that you have permissionsbukkit or essentials group manager installed properly and your permissions exporting is set correctly, but are unable to use any commands in game.

The issue is that you need to place the permission nodes for the commands into McMyAdmin.


The solution for this is very simple. You must put the permission nodes into the permitted commands column for each of the groups.

You can set them to inherit from each other so you don't have to put the same commands in every single group.


You can find the permission nodes for different plugins on their webpages or wikis.


For example if you wish to put in the /home command of Essentials, put the permission node essentials.home. If you wanted /tp, do, and so forth.

If someone is an operator, they will have automatic access to all commands; you can not turn this off without removing operator status from that person.

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