I've got lag, crashes, disconnects...HELP!!!
03 January 2012 04:58 PM

There are several causes of lag, system disconnects, and overall instability.

Cause 1. Distance from our server.

This is rare, but can happen for some of our international customers. Run a ping test against your server IP, but leave out the port (; where x is your server number). Dropped packets or long response times indicate that you may be too far from our servers.

Solution: Unfortunately all of our servers are located in the U.S. so if you believe this is the case consult with a tech to verify, but there is little we can do in these cases.

Cause 2. Plugins

In all likely hood, this is where most people have the trouble. Mods and plugins run off your tiers ram. The more plugins you have the more ram they use up. Many mods modify the way players interact with the world and form connections with them as they play. These connections also use up ram so the more mods you have the more connections are made and the more ram is used. If your plugins try to use more ram than they have they can become unstable and crash the system


A. Check to make sure your plugins/mods are up to date and compatible with your version of Bukkit and Minecraft. Out of date plugin/mods can cause the system to become unstable. Plugins/mods that have no current version should be removed.

B. Check your plugins websites, they will often times tell you which other plugins cannot be installed along side their plugins due to compatibility issues.

C. Reduce your number of plugins. Many times people will install a plugin or mod, but rarely use it. Even if they aren't actively being used as long as they are installed they still eat up your precious ram. Remove them.

D. Upgrade to a higher tier. Check with our mod support staff to find out which tier best supports your number of plugins

Cause 3. Number of Players

Again this is rare, but sometimes people stuff a server with too many people. Our suggested number of players for each tier can be found here ( These numbers are calculated on the assumption of a clean server, no mods or plugins so your working number of players will depend on your number of plugins installed (see Cause 2)

Solution: Stick to your suggested number of players or whatever the working number may be if you have plugins/mods installed.

Cause 4. World size

Another rare issue comes from the way Minecraft loads the world all at once, rendering every last piece of it created. This means that the larger the world you have the longer it takes to load and the more ram it takes.


A. Avoid using the fly command to go incredible distances in a single direction

B. Reduce your view distance. Normally set to 10, you can decrease the strain on your system by having our techs reduce the number of blocks in front of you the system brings into your view. This can really help if you have many players on at the same time going in different directions.

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