Setting up Groups, Commands, Colored Names, and McMyAdmin with Essentials/Group Manager *PERMISSIONS*
10 August 2011 11:11 PM

*Note this article has been updated for bukkit build 1.7.9*

This article is for those who wish to set up a different commands for varying groups of people as well as having colored names and prefixes/suffixes.

If you can not log into McMyAdmin due to a password issue or your server being down, please submit a ticket into the minecraft and McMyAdmin support department.


Please make sure you have craftbukkit installed, to do this go into McMyAdmin and push the update bukkit button located in the configuration tab >> server type CraftBukkit.

The below is a step by step process that you must do in order to get the above functions to work.


1. Download the Essentials/Group Manager Package

2. Upload the files located in the zip into your plugins folder via the control panel in the Servercraft login.

3. After you have rebooted, please go into McMyAdmin and go to the Configuration >> Features tab. There you will see permissions exporting mode, set the option to Group Manager

4. In order to set commands, go to the users and groups tab and insert them in the proper permission nodes in the permissions column.

For example, if you wish to have sethome, you must do essentials.sethome. This goes for all plugins.

***You can find the permission nodes for plugins on their webpages.  A list of Essentials Commands:

In order to use all of the commands of a plugin do plugin.*, such as worldedit.* for all worldedit commands, though the default * should cover most things.

**** In order to ban a command, put - in front of it. If you wish to ban the essentials.give command so that players can't give each other stuff, do -essentials.give in McMyAdmin.


5. For those who wish to have colored chat and prefixes, go into the users and groups tab and you will see the prefix/suffice/colored name options in each group.  Make sure that permissions exporting is set to 'Group Manager'

6. You are done! These steps are all that is required to operate your server with Groups/Colored Names/Commands and have it integrated with McMyAdmin.



A. Do not set more than 1 group to NONE inherits from; this will crash the entire plugin. Only set 1 group to NONE.

B. Do not add any user more than once; this will crash the plugin.

C. Do not add any group with spaces in the name; this will crash the plugin.

D. If you are unable to build, this means you have also installed essentials protect. This means that your in your users and groups there are groups set to no building mode. If you set them to build, they will then be able to build.


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