Setting up non-bukkit mods
26 July 2011 11:30 PM

While a majority of our customers use bukkit for their modding needs, there are many of our customers who also use non-bukkit mods.

The vast majority of these are from the minecraft forum website.

Examples are some of the following can be installed:

-Industrialcraft, Buildcraft, Smartmoving,

Almost all of the mods found on the minecraft forum website are made for single player only and can't be installed.

Due to the nature of these mods, only we can install them, so please request us to through the mod support department.

Remember that these mods must be installed client side (on your own computer) for every user who wishes to join the server.

If you attempt to join the server without the client side mod installed, you will be kicked off.


Updated 05/11/2012: Once we have installed forge or modloadermp on your server, you can generally upload .zip files of your mods into the mods folder (not the plugins folder) located in the main server folder.



A few non-bukkit mods can be installed along with bukkit, though they require a different installation. We can still only do this, and it still requires your users to install them correctly in order to join the server.

Examples of such mods would be redpower, buildcraft, and smart moving mod. Be warned that this does consume a large amount of RAM and we not held liable for any server crashes or loss of data.


Note: We can install the Tekkit Pack, but all users on the server must also install it client side as well by downloading the client version of this modpack from their website.

This modpack consumes a very large amount of RAM and we highly recommend at least a tier 5 or you will suffer from latency issues and crashes.


Planes, Guns, WW2, Vehicles can not be installed at the current time as they haven't been updated to 1.2.5 SMP (Posted: 04/23/2012)

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