How to upload your world
01 June 2011 04:27 AM

How To Upload Worlds Via FTP

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How To Upload Worlds Via the MyFiles section

Uploading your world to your Minecraft Server, could never be easier.  In this guide we are going to go over the process to upload your world to your Minecraft Server.

To start you'll need to ensure you have zipped (no .rar's, only .zip) your world, depending on your Operating System your world folder may be in different locations.  When you locate the world folder you want to upload, make sure you zip the ENTIRE folder.  Never zip the contents of the folder, as when you attempt to unzip into your Minecraft Server, the files will spill out into your main folder, instead of being contained in a world folder. Next, shut down your server, it must be turned off or the system will crash.

To start you will need to login to your Control Panel via, once you login click on "My Files".

After clicking "My Files", you should see your folder, with a bunch of files (Which we don't recommend deleting the default files!), at the bottom right hand corner of the File Manager, you'll see a button for uploading your files.


Click on upload, you will see a field and a "browse" button, click this and find your (or any zip name).  Once you have selected it, click upload.  One thing to note, is this process could take ALONG time, depending on your world size.  We allow up to 200MB to be uploaded at one time, if you happen to have a world larger, you'll need to attach your world to a file sharing service such as and upload it and link our Support Staff in a ticket to the World Upload department.

Now once you've waited X amount of hours for your world to upload (depending on your connection speed), you'll see a nice little file called (or any zip name you chose), now what you'll want to do is simply click on the unzip icon.

Once you click on that, you'll be prompted that the folder has been created (which is a good thing).  Once it's unzipped, your File Manager will refresh and voila!  Your brand new world folder is now on your Minecraft Server.


One thing to remember by default your Minecraft Server looks for the folder "world" to load your world.  If you name your world folder differently you'll need to change the name either in the File Manager, or before you zip.  If you have a nifty multi-world plugin you can upload as many worlds as you'd like with any folder name.

That completes our world upload guide, again if you have worlds larger that 200MB, you'll need to submit a ticket to our World Upload Department, with a link to your world zip (preferrably through and we'll have your world upload asap!