How to submit a ticket and which departments to send them to
30 January 2014 09:35 PM
How to submit a ticket and which departments to send them to

You can contact our support team by using the kayako support center to send in a ticket.
1. Open a new web browser and go to Select the submit a ticket choice in the top left of the webpage.
2. Now you can select the department you would like to send your ticket to. Your ticket will be answered faster if it is sent to the correct department.
A description of what each department is for.
Minecraft Support - generic minecraft issues such as wanting to change vanilla minecraft settings, issues with the control panel, and MCMA configuration problems.
World Upload -  world uploads or help with uploading worlds
  You will need to provide a download link for the world you want uploaded.
Mod Support - forge mods, modpacks, craftbukkit plugin assistance
Billing and Account Services - billing information changes or payment issues
Upgrades - upgrading your server
     Please include what tier you would like to upgrade to
Cancellations - server cancellations
Dedicated Servers Support - support for all issues regarding dedicated servers
           dedicated servers are not the same as minecraft or starbound servers
Starbound Support - any issues involving starbound
3. You will need to fill in the actual ticket information after selecting your department. 
Full Name - your full name
Personal Email - the email you want your ticket response sent to
MC/SB Number - this number is the username for your control panel login which comes in the format mc##### or sb#####
Payment email - the email that was used to set up the account
Subject - the problem you are having
Details - describe the problem you are having in detail. The more details you include the better we can assist with fixing the issue

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