Restarting the Network
29 January 2014 03:17 PM

If you are unable to access the server via SSH for any reason, often times a simple network restart will restore access.  In most cases, your server's network may be down, but you will still have access to the IPMI and console redirection.  You can access the KVM by logging into the IPMI and then navigating to Remote Control > Console Redirection > Launch Console

This will bring up a console screen which will allow you to run commands on your server.  

For Ubuntu run $sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart and for CentOS run $/etc/init.d/network restart  

These commands will bring down all the network devices and bring them back up, often correcting minor network configuration issues or conflicts.  Restoring SSH access will allow you to more easily assess the initial network issue.  In some instances, the SSH port will be blocked accidentally.  If this occurs, the configuration can also be reversed via console redirection, and a network restart will fix the issue.  If downtime persists, please open a ticket to contact our support staff, and we will get the server back up in a timely manner.

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