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Worldedit and Worldguard
Posted by on 07 February 2012 08:11 AM


Worldedit and Worldguard are plugins for bukkit that permit users to edit parts of their world and to guard parts of it from being affected.




1. Download plugin

2. Install the .jar files in the zip folder by uploading them through the control panel into the plugins folder.

3. Reboot the server, the folders and extra files will generate themselves. You only need to upload the .jar files.




Remember that you must insert the proper permission nodes in order to gain access to the commands in game.

If you only need worldedit, only upload the worldedit.jar plugin.



Do not install worldedit or worldguard with essentials protect as they do conflict with each other.

Worldguard also requires worldedit to be installed, so if you want worldguard, you will need both.

These plugins consume a large amount of RAM, so make sure you have the RAM necessary to run it or your server will crash. We recommend at least a tier 4.

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