How do I upgrade to a higher Tier of service?
11 March 2011 11:12 PM

With a Minecraft Server hosted by Servercraft upgrading your server is a quick process once you have upgraded your payments, all of your data and settings remain intact and upgrading only your memory only takes a brief moment.

If your subscription with us is through Paypal, then be sure to contact our Billing and Account Services Department and let us know.  Afterwards you will need to go to the Servercraft site and sign up for the Tier of service you would like.  Once that is done we will help cancel your previous subscription.

If your subscription with us is through our Payment Gateway, then be sure also to contact us through Billing and Account Services and submit a request to upgrade.  Once you have done this we can quickly and simply upgrade your subscription and upgrade your account all in the background.

If you have any further questions about this, please feel free to send in a ticket and we'll answer your questions as best as possible.

We also offer custom tiers above our tier 8; just request our billing department for a server with a specific amount of RAM that you wish to have and we can quote you the monthly price.

You may have to sign up again via the payment gateway as we can only offer custom tiers through our payment gateway.

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